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Attention Rodeo Committees

If your rodeo was broadcast on Cowboy Channel Plus under the livestream terms agreement, you need to invoice the PRCA in order to receive your media rights payments. These payments are not automatically delivered. If you have not yet invoiced the PRCA, please reach out to Amy Fast, 


New R10.8.3.1 Crossfires. At rodeos where three judges are assigned, the field flag judge and the third judge will both be responsible for identifying crossfires. Both the field flag judge and the third judge must agree that a run is a crossfire before the team will be disqualified

R5.4.2 Timed Events. Amounts listed herein for team roping shall be per man. Tie-down Roping, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping (per man), Steer Roping: $000-$2,999.99 pays four places to be divided 40 percent, 30 percent, 20 percent, 10 percent. $3,000- $6,999.99 pays six places to be divided 29 percent, 24 percent, 19 percent, 14 percent, 9 percent, 5 percent. $7,000 or more pays eight places to be divided 23 percent, 20 percent, 17 percent, 14 percent, 11 percent, 8 percent, 5 percent, 2 percent. Any one-head timed event (without a finals or average) with total payout of $12,500-$22,500 pays ten places to be divided 17 percent, 15 percent, 13 percent, 11 percent, 10 percent, 9 percent, 8 percent, 7 percent, 6 percent, 4 percent; $22,501-$30,000 pays twelve places to be divided 17 percent, 15 percent, 13 percent, 11 percent, 9 percent, 8 percent, 7 percent, 6 percent, 5 percent, 4 percent, 3 percent, 2 percent; $30,000 or more pays fifteen places to be divided 15 percent, 13 percent, 12 percent, 10 percent, 9 percent, 8 percent, 7 percent, 6 percent, 5 percent, 4 percent, 3.5 percent, 3 percent, 2 percent, 1.5 percent, 1 percent.

Contract Personnel Update Form: 

If you have not already submitted your updates for the Contract Personnel Directory, please fill out this form :

Attention Contract Personnel: 

PRCA Bylaw B8.5.2.1 has been amended as follows effective for the 2022 season.  

§B8.5.2.1 Eight PRCA Approved Rodeos and 20 performances.   Any PRCA sanctioned event or rodeo will qualify to count for all contract personnel categories for purposes of the eight rodeo and 20 performance requirement. A minimum of 4 rodeos must have the standard six PRCA events to count toward the eight-rodeo requirement. Any sanctioned event or rodeo that does not count toward the PRCA World Standings will not qualify to satisfy this requirement.

Please follow this link for additional information  

Biosecurity Reminder

As we have begun the busiest time of the year, the PRCA reminds all members traveling with livestock to adhere to recommended practices in biosecurity to prevent the transmission of disease.

    1. Make sure your livestock is up to date on their vaccinations.
    2. Disinfect and clean your tack, trailers, stalls, and buckets/tubs often.
    3. Do not allow your livestock to eat or drink in the same tubs, buckets, or troughs after foreign livestock.
    4. Use fly spray and fly control equipment to reduce the exposure of your livestock to possible
        disease transmission.
    5. Inspect your livestock’s health daily and consult a veterinarian for any concerns.
    6. Consult each State Veterinarian’s office or Department of Agriculture to get the requirements for
        entry or alerts.

If you have any questions, contact Scott Dorenkamp at 719.528.4782 or at

The Wyoming Livestock Board Equine Import Rules here

Member Benefit: Free Financial Consultation

The PRCA is excited to offer Complimentary Financial Wellness Consultations to all members. In partnership with Northwestern Mutual, a dedicated team of financial professionals has been assembled with PRCA athletes and members in mind. With offices nationwide you can be just a phone call or office visit closer to finding financial security.

Book your free consultation here

The ProRodeo Sports News

You can find the latest version of the PSN and Business Journal CLICK HERE.

As we shift our focus to expand our digital presence, we will bring ProRodeo Sports News to your digital fingertips to keep you updated 24/7 on the latest rodeo news, and we’re going to take advantage of that.

The PSN will be online in flip-book format for your mobile phone, tablet and computer every two weeks to keep you updated on the latest rodeos, events and stories. And because the digital version will be online, we will continually update issues to keep you apprised of any rodeo changes.

The printed edition of the PSN will be published once a month and will be a combination of the digital magazines. It will continue to list upcoming rodeos, highlight and feature cowboys and livestock, and will continue to deliver the best rodeo coverage in the industry.
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